Former Longtime Disney Executives and Experts Available to Consult Now

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Connecting Brand Promise and Operational Excellence

The D in our DNA
MMG's skilled team of independent consultants have compiled 500+ years of deep practical experience as former longtime Disney executives and experts. Combined with other multi-disciplinary experience at companies such as Apple, BMW, Expedia, Home Shopping Network, MGM Resorts, Nike, Royal Caribbean
International, SeaWorld Parks, Universal Orlando, Williams-Sonoma, and others, we represent one of the most diverse groups of practitioners in the marketplace. MMG connects every dot from driveway to driveway.
MMG's Studios of Expertise assist our clients in developing, implementing, and maintaining experiential environments, optimizing operating platforms, and creating a highly effective customer-centric culture throughout the organization.


Don’t know how you’re doing? Call a “Time Out” and bring us in. We’ll evaluate your end-to-end customer experience, in both the physical and digital space. We’ll dive into your organization, evaluate your processes, and analyze your existing resources to identify new opportunities. We help you find ways to be more efficient, entertaining, customer-centric, employee-empowering, and revenue-generating, while creating a magical experience.

Disney Expert


“The most vital thing I've done is coordinate and aim all efforts at a certain goal.” -Walt Disney

A company’s purpose is its North Star, with a light that illuminates everything from mission and vision to brand promise. However, success is only possible when that purpose permeates every fiber of the company. We believe any organization that has a clear understanding of its values and overall purpose is poised for greatness. Building a superior service culture takes an intentional and sustainable blueprint for success. We help companies build that framework.


“When you believe a thing, believe it all the way, implicitly and unquestionably.” -Walt Disney
Customer Experience is a discipline. Companies spend a tremendous amount of time and energy creating a brand and articulating their brand promise to the world. Organizations that deliver a customer experience that is aligned to that promise stand out from their competition. When leadership and employees are able to articulate their brand promise and weave it into their daily tasks, it shows in the customer experience. MMG’s approach leverages a wealth of knowledge learned over decades of delivering on Disney’s lofty brand promise and we help our clients create a culture that values and
rewards customer experience excellence that doesn’t erode over time.


Experience Assessment and Development

We help clients with end-to-end transformations of their customer experience, including implementation. From experience assessment (if you have a current business) to experience development (if you want to reimagine your experience or are starting up), MMG can assess plans and drawings for experiences in design and assess working operations. Because our roster includes BOTH operational practitioners AND data and insights experts, we can evaluate every aspect of the customer journey ensuring a seamless guest experience that supports your brand promise.


Operational Excellence

We have a track record of improving top and bottom-line results by optimizing all cross-functional operating platforms within a business. We help clients build operating guidelines, processes, and organizational platforms supporting each experience. We specialize in optimizing and monetizing
businesses by keenly leveraging their products and services, building effective pricing and promotional strategies, and creating a highly effective, customer-centric culture throughout all areas of an organization.


Business Optimization

CapEx and OpEx require effective investment in the appropriate areas at the right time to support your brand strategy and deliver a memorable experience. When reviewed collectively, CapEx typically receives  insufficient management attention or control, causing inefficient capital allocation and poorly prioritized project portfolios. We help our clients optimize their portfolios and investments, through budget analysis and realignment, organizational alignment, and project organizations with the appropriate capabilities to innovate, leverage, and invest capital effectively to maximize the guest  experience and ROI.


A purpose-driven culture delivers long-term success. That starts with your leaders. The global pandemic has impacted how we lead today and into the future. With more decentralized decision-making, organizations must drive leadership more effectively throughout the organization, requiring a new approach—not just for top leaders, but for all team members you are training as future leaders of tomorrow. MMG experts have practiced Disney's Great Leaders Strategy and understand how to craft a leadership development and training program specific to your company’s needs today and into the future.

Consumer Engagement

We understand that proper consumer engagement must include a holistic approach and commitment to participation from every level of management and team members when engaging with consumers. Our engagement expertise in mixed-use properties includes retail, integrated resorts, hotels, theme parks, cruise lines, sports, entertainment, performance venues, and timeshare. We pride ourselves on developing programs that consistently integrate and deliver on your brand promise to your consumers every day, 24/7.

Creativity and Innovation

Inspired by our Disney heritage, we think of creativity and innovation as a discipline; a skill that can be taught, learned, and perfected with practice. We also feel that design thinking is the best way to teach and practice the skill of ongoing innovation, which is absolutely necessary in this ever-changing business landscape. Through our live and virtual sessions, hosted by expert innovation catalysts and practitioners of the craft, we teach a proven innovation and creative problem-solving method that puts consumers at the forefront of everything we do, ensuring your company creates new and novel ideas to solve all challenges big and small.