With our multi-disciplinary group we can offer unique advisory services in many areas 



Leadership and Service Culture

Find Your North Star

A company’s purpose is its North Star. The light that shines from that star illuminates everything from mission and vision to the brand promise. However, success is only possible when that purpose permeates every fiber of the company. We believe any organization that has a clear understanding of its values and overall purpose is poised for greatness. Building a superior service culture takes an intentional and sustainable blueprint for success.

“Every leader is telling a story... about what he or she values.” - Walt Disney


Turning Insight into Implications 
Insightful research doesn’t merely collect data. It builds intelligence. It is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal to help develop, grow and optimize your business. Done well, research is a careful blend of art, science, and objective intuition-based expertise. When your Magic 8-Ball isn’t strong enough to steer your business, custom research and analytics will provide insightful and actionable guidance to inform strategy, development, assessment, and enhancement of the consumer or employee experience.



Design Thinking

“The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation.”    -Bob Iger

Innovation and creativity are not just buzzwords, they are essential cornerstones for any forward-thinking business. MMG believes in thinking differently, cultivating a culture of creativity, and fostering innovation in everything we do. We can’t help ourselves, it’s in our Disney DNA! Our team of experienced and practiced Innovation Catalysts can help you get outside your comfort zone, look at your business challenges from a different angle, and use consumer insights to ensure customer-centric solutions to problems. Our Disney-inspired structured design thinking process will help you transform your business and develop novel solutions to challenges.

Industrial Engineering & Optimization

Order Out of Chaos

We focus on the design, improvement, and implementation of business systems and processes that require the coordination of technology, raw materials, labor, and financial resources. We leverage mathematics and physical sciences together with principles of engineering analysis to evaluate and predict the outcome of current and proposed business processes. We help you to eliminate operational waste, enhance service delivery, and increase production capacity while minimizing operating and capital expenditures.



Business Strategy & Feasibility

Experiences by the Numbers

Our Disney experience taught us to balance three key elements: the Guest (customers), the Cast (employees), and the Business (financial results). This “three-legged stool” requires balanced decisions about resource allocation in order to deliver a positive return, improve the overall experience, and enhance the brand. To keep this three-legged stool from wobbling, financial discipline must be embedded in every key decision, from large-scale capital projects to day-to-day operations. This results in informed, bottom-line decisions that are measured, modeled, and evaluated to deliver on your brand promise profitably.